The ASTRO-100 NT bending cell (Greater Automation for Smaller Batches)

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With the new extension to the ASTRO-100 NT bending cell, Amada is again emphasizing its leadership in the field of automated bending. The bending cell's enhanced level of automation further reduces the limits to the batch sizes that can be manufactured economically and allows sheet metal working companies to perform even more competitively. 


The name Amada is inseparably associated with the concept of innovative bending technology. With four press brakes series and three bending cell systems, Amada has proved it has the capability to satisfy the most varied customer requirements. One of the reasons for the successful development of Amada's bending systems is the supplier's ability to provide a comprehensive, fully-featured machine concept: from the bending machine, through the bending, loading and unloading robots, and on to tools, software and service. Efficient production coupled with low personnel requirements, thus reducing manufacturing times and optimising quality ñ that is the achieve- ment that Amada's bending cells deliver thanks to their outstanding productivity. Innovative robot systems designed exclusively to handle bending tasks make it possible to detect workpieces reliably, grip them securely and sort Thanks to its automatic gripper change mechanism, the bending robot is able to handle differing parts. and stack the folded parts. Used in conjunction with modern press brakes, they form bending systems that produce excellent results over a wide variety of material types, gauges and bending lengths.

Greater automation for independent operation

Whenever a large number of bending operations have to be performed on small workpieces, the ASTRO-100 NT bending cell is clearly the preferred solution. This outstanding example of Amada technology, consisting of the HDS press brake, the ASTRO-100 NT bending robot and the ASTRO-MP 20 loading and unloading robot, can manufacture small, complex parts quickly and precisely. The new extension to the ASTRO-100 NT gives Amada an even greater competitive advantage.

The new innovations give the bending cell an even greater level of automa- tion while, of course, simultaneously reducing non-productive times. As a result, this innovative system can manufacture sequences of differing parts without the need for any action on the part of the operator. In the past, to manufacture economically it was necessary to produce 50 to 100 identical parts on a bending cell. The enhanced level of automation together with the newly developed peripheral units have further reduced this number and provide a solution for ever smaller batch sizes.

Versatile robot system

The new extension to the ASTRO-MP 20 loading/unloading robot now permits linear axial travel. With a ground travel path of 2500 mm, the robot has more freedom of movement than ever. It is consequently more flexible since the larger working area can be used both for loading and unloading. It is also possible to connect the system to a multilevel stacker to ensure continuous material feed. As a result, Amada is able to demonstrate an end-to-end manufacturing solution at EuroBLECH,consisting of the CS-300 compact storage system, the EM-2510 NT punch press and the ASTRO-100 NT bending cell. The ASTRO-MP 20 loading and unloading system transfers the input material for processing to the bending robot and then stores the finished, folded part in a defined position. Its newly won freedom of movement also helps the ASTRO-MP 20 perform automatic gripper changes (AHC). And there is even an additional automation module: the CCD camera system that optically measures the position of the incoming sheet and then passes the tolerances to the bending robot which modifies its With its enhanced freedom of movement, the loading/unloading robot can control automatic pick-up position accordingly. The perfect interaction of the bending and loading robots results in enhanced processing reliability.

Automatic tool and gripper changes

The bending robot also possesses an automatic gripper change mechanism that enables it to handle a variety of parts. The bending cell is also equipped with an automatic tool changer. There is a magazine containing a variety of dies and punches for differing workpiece geometries and metal gauges. Automatic tool changing makes it possible to maximise the number of operations performed on components. This reduces personnel requirements and cuts costs. The finished part is then transferred temporarily to the new Auto Buffer Tabl e  (ABT) to allow the bending robot to pick up a new sheet. Due to the differing workpiece sizes and geometries, the ABT's rods are addressed automatically. The bending cell is equipped with the multimedia-based, networkcompatible AMNC numeric controller. The programming of all subprocesses is performed offline with a single software product. This means that the bending cell remains productive during programming operations.

The new extension to the system is unique on the market and confirms Amada's leading position in the field of bending automation. This new development makes companies specialising in the field of sheet metal working even more competitive.

The HDS as a stand-alone press brake

The HDS as a stand-alone press brake The innovative HDS series of press brakes are distinguished by their unique servohydraulic drives. The servomotor permits exceptionally precise bending while also being fast, silent and economic.  One special characteristic of Amada press brakes is that they have always been designed without complex crowning systems and achieve high-precision bending results. The HDS possesses hydraulic cylinders in the lower press beam that counteract any potential distortions. Thanks to the HDS, Amada is able to offer top-quality bending technology. Amada will shortly also be offering this star product as a stand-alone solution to extend its already impressive range of press brakes.

The HDS series
extends Amada's high-end
product range in the press
brake sector.

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